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    Gigi - is this a Grandmother name?

    Hi friends.

    We have nicknamed our baby girl Gigi. She is due in April. We plan on calling her this most of the time and even now refer to her as Gigi. To us she IS Gigi already!

    I went to dinner with a friend last night who's mother goes by "Gigi" for her grandkids. I've heard this before and sort of ignored it, but my friend said that it is a common "grandma name" like Nana or others.

    Could this be a problem or is my paranoia kicking in again...

    Gigi is nn for Ginger Grace :-)
    texan mama to Frank Reagan "Frankie", Christopher James "CJ", and Ginger Grace "Gigi"

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    Re: Gigi - is this a Grandmother name?

    My niece and nephew call my grandmother GG - she is their Great-Grandmother, and that's what it stands for. I call my grandmother Grandma, but as I understand it in the modern age, kids have all sorts of pet names for their grandparents. Gigi might be one of them. I have also heard Meema... can't think of any others. I think my niece and nephew also call my mother by her first name, Grandma ___ rather than when all my grandparents were alive, we called them Grandma and Grandpa, and in the third person, adding their last name to distinguish which we were off to visit. It's for this reason my mother doesn't want to be called the same thing as her mother-in-law!

    I guess that's a long way of saying that Gigi might be some people's pet name for some grandparents, but by no means universal - it's not the first thing I think of. I think it is still ok to use for your daughter and not a definitely grandmother pet name! Another example would be D.J. - that stands for disc jockey popularly, but if those are someone's initials, people know that's their name and don't think they are a DJ. No confusion.

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    Re: Gigi - is this a Grandmother name?

    This caught my eye because Gigi is in fact MY grandmother's name. However, though we spell it this way, we pronounce it ghee-ghee. I don't see it said G.G. or zhee-zhee as grandmother names at all, so no worries. It's a cute nickname.(:

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    Re: Gigi - is this a Grandmother name?

    I think it's adorable! And not a common grandma pet name in the area I live in.

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    Re: Gigi - is this a Grandmother name?

    Well since you asked, it is what my son calls my mom, and is also what I called my great grandma. So, technically it is a name that can be used for a grandma, but that doesn't bother me. My friends little girl is named Georgia and we all call her Gigi. It totally suits her and nobody has ever said anything.

    I wouldn't worry too much about it. It would really only be weird if there was a grandma in your family who you referred to as Gigi.

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