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    How do you pronounce Jeanne?

    Not planning on using this, but I've heard it pronounced different ways, so I'm always confused as to the proper pronunciation. I've heard:

    Same pro. as Jean
    Same as Genie

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    Re: How do you pronounce Jeanne?

    I would pronounce it Jean. The only other pronunciation I've heard is the French one, zhahn.

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    Re: How do you pronounce Jeanne?

    The only Jeanne I've ever met is a French girl who pronounces it zhann, so that's the only way I ever pronounce it. I suppose if I knew someone called Jeanne who wasn't French I'd assume it was pronounced Jean.

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    Re: How do you pronounce Jeanne?

    Well, in our family we pronouce it like Joan, or Zhahn, the French way. But, our family member with that name also answers to Jean (Gene), which is more Americanized.

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    Re: How do you pronounce Jeanne?

    In French, it's zhahn. I don't think you could get regular English-speaking people to say it that way if preferred and you don't live in France or Quebec or anywhere else French is predominant.

    In America, I only knew it to be Jeen, like Jean or Gene. It is an alternate spelling of Jean, like Anne is an alternate spelling of Ann. This was the name and spelling of one of the roommates I had in college, and I kind of remember someone else, this was their middle name. It is pretty good if you like a short middle name like Jean, but you want to make it less plain.

    Jeannie might be a nickname, or some people when they see the e on the end, pronounce it. I have seen the same when someone says Anne is pronounced Annie. Jee-ann seems like someone misread it and perceived it as like Deanne or Joanne. Unlike Jeanne, Joanne is not a French Joan but a Jo + Anne, or possible rendering of Johanna - a feminine form of John that is not French, so it is pronounce jo-ann. French Joan would also be Jeanne (as in Jeanne d'Arc - Joan of Arc), as the feminine form of John, which in French, would be Jean (zhan, as in Jean-Luc).

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