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    What do you think of...

    I was wondering your opinion on my fave girl names...

    Amilie Lucille (future baby girl name )******

    Other options I like to consider...

    Violet (popularity issues)
    Danielle (some people say is dated...but is it really so bad?)

    Thank you for your help I am supposed be due soon....

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    Re: What do you think of...

    Hi Liv! I really like Amilie Lucille. I also prefer the spelling Amilie as opposed to Amelie, although I prefer Amelia to Amilie/Amelie. I like all your choices except Danielle which I do think is dated, but I think it's okay for a mn.

    Ciel Julianne would be my fav combo, I also like Everly Danielle, Violet Julianne/Julianna, Julianna Violet, Julianne Everly.


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    Re: What do you think of...

    Amilie Lucille This combo is very 'l' heavy.

    I have checked and there is no record of the name Amilie,
    only Amelie.


    Amelie Violet
    Emily Violet
    Violet Alexandra
    Matilda Violet


    Ciel Genevieve
    Ciel Juliana

    Julianne is very pretty, but dated as is Danielle, but they are still beautiful names, if you gave your child these names they would still be very well named girls.

    I like Julianne more than Juliana because I like its modern vibe.

    Julianne Kate
    Julianne Elizabeth
    Julianne Victoria
    Melissa Julianne
    Julianne Alexa

    Danielle I love Danielle, it would be a shame for this pretty name to be forgotten. Imo I think it has buckets more charm than the ever popular Elizabeth.

    Danielle Alyssa
    Danielle Maya
    Danielle Katherine
    Danielle Paige
    Danielle Fleur
    Danielle Sabine
    Danielle Olivia

    I think that Ciel is a charming name and I like the meaning which of course is Sky, and the name Skye too.

    Skye Danielle

    Ciel Marguerite
    Ciel Poppy
    Ciel Brooke
    Ciel Olivia
    Dana Ciel
    Ciel Marigold

    Everly Don't like this one

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