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    Re: Naming my daughter after great-grandma?

    Quote Originally Posted by ricamaca
    I read the posts in your original thread. For what it's worth, I really love Cecelia Kick and Celia sweet!

    Here's a few more ideas with meanings that you may like:
    Evangeline - Meaning: "bearer of good news"
    Lucy - Meaning: "light" (very close to "bright/shining")
    Leora - Meaning: "light"
    Nora - Meaning: "light" (I love it by the way ;)
    Gemma - Meaning: "precious stone"
    Annika - Meaning: "grace" (little K heavy with Kick though, huh?)
    Milena - Meaning: "love, warmth, grace"
    Finlay - Meaning: "fair-haired hero" (cause she is your hero?)
    Willa - Meaning: "resolute protection"
    Celine - Meaning: "heaven"

    These are all great suggestions!

    And just to follow up here from the original post, my understanding is that Cecilia also does not literally mean blind, but means "a way for the blind" (not unlike the idea of blind faith). Saint Cecilia was also known as the saint of music, so this name actually has some really great positive associations. I think it's unfortunate that people misunderstand and interpret it literally as "blind one."
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    Re: Naming my daughter after great-grandma?

    What is your great-grandma's middle name?
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    Re: Naming my daughter after great-grandma?

    Thanks for all the suggestions! I'll have to read through them carefully and consider each one.

    Ricamaca - One that popped out at me was your suggestion of Finn/Finlay - I love it! It's my son's name! :)

    My great-grandmother's middle name was Louise, and frankly, I hate that name. I know I'm probably in the minority here, but I just don't see the charm in it. For me, it's flat and boring.

    I did talk to my mom today about the idea of naming my daughter after GG (my mom's grandmother), and she thought that GG must have had personal reasons for not liking her name, but that giving my daughter the name Elinor would still be a great honor. Everyone in our family would still associate the name with GG and would welcome having another "bright, shining one" in the family.

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    Re: Naming my daughter after great-grandma?

    Wow! I win! ;) Glad you like Finley!

    I had an epiphany... in your post you called her GG.
    What if you name your little one Georgiana nn Gigi?

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    Re: Naming my daughter after great-grandma?

    Thinking about this some more...I never was the biggest fan of my name (never "hated" it though) and I would be very honored if someone chose to use my name to honor me. Regardless of my feelings to the name, it shows how you feel about the person.

    Does that make sense?

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