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    Naming my daughter after great-grandma?

    **This is a new question continuing from the thread "New Name Ideas for Baby Kick". There were too many responses to get through, and thought a new post may be easier!

    So my pregnancy-influenced brain just threw a wrench into my short list! I just woke up from a very vivid dream where I was talking to my great-grandmother, whom I grew up being very close to and who passed away only 2 years ago. Now I'm thinking I should honor her in naming my daughter.

    Here's the problem (and I've posted on this topic before): my GG's name was Elinor, which she absolutely despised. She went by Babe, the name her father called her in childhood. I know that if she were here now, she would probably tell me to NOT name my daughter Elinor. What to do?

    I have considered variations on the name: Nora/Norah, Ella/Ellie, even Helen (same root), but none seem right. (And Babe is just not an option as a real name!) Does anyone have any suggestions or wisdom for this situation? Should I simply remember her in other ways, and not worry about naming a child after her?

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    Re: Naming my daughter after great-grandma?

    What if you use something that starts with "El"

    I.E. -

    Or something that means the same thing "bright/Shining one"

    Akira - Meaning: "bright, intelligent"
    Alina - Meaning: "bright, beautiful"
    Claire - Meaning: "bright"
    Clarissa - Meaning: "bright, clear"
    Eileen - Meaning: "bright, shining one"
    Eleonora - Meaning: "bright, shining one" (a little more jazzy than Elinor)
    Finn (so use Finley) - Meaning: "bright, fair"
    Helena - Meaning: "bright, shining one"
    Lainie - Meaning: "bright shining one"

    Or you could use something meaning "honor" or "beloved" since you'll be honoring your great grandma
    Carita - Meaning: "beloved"
    Esme - Meaning: "esteemed, beloved; or emerald"
    Imogen - Meaning: "beloved child"
    Kalila - Meaning: "beloved"
    Priya - Meaning: "beloved"
    Carys - Meaning: "love"

    Or something similar to the meaning of "babe"
    (side note: Frances is conected to Baby for me from "dirty dancing")
    Carina - Meaning: "dear little one"
    Cara - Meaning: "dear"
    Evelyn - Meaning: "dear youth" (stems: Evelina or Aveline)

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    Re: Naming my daughter after great-grandma?

    Maybe you could just nickname her babe/baby or use it as a term of endearment to honour her.

    Or if that was her prefered name over Elinor you could give her a name that sounds like Babe.
    Maybe Bay (which would make a nice mn)

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    Re: Naming my daughter after great-grandma?

    Like the previous poster, my thought was also that you should give her a name that easily lends itself to the nn Babe, so that your daughter could use your grandmother's nn. |
    The first thought for me was Barbara.
    Mom of one daughter, age 2, and name-enthusiast

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    Re: Naming my daughter after great-grandma?

    I read the posts in your original thread. For what it's worth, I really love Cecelia Kick and Celia sweet!

    Here's a few more ideas with meanings that you may like:
    Evangeline - Meaning: "bearer of good news"
    Lucy - Meaning: "light" (very close to "bright/shining")
    Leora - Meaning: "light"
    Nora - Meaning: "light" (I love it by the way ;)
    Gemma - Meaning: "precious stone"
    Annika - Meaning: "grace" (little K heavy with Kick though, huh?)
    Milena - Meaning: "love, warmth, grace"
    Finlay - Meaning: "fair-haired hero" (cause she is your hero?)
    Willa - Meaning: "resolute protection"
    Celine - Meaning: "heaven"

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