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Thread: Georgina?

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    Re: Georgina?

    Though I like Georgina, I much prefer Georgiana (like the person Kiera Knightley plays in the film The Duchess)

    However, I also have some lovely combo's for Georgina:

    Georgina Rose
    Georgina Mae
    Georgina Elspeth
    Georgina Emilia
    Georgina Adeline
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    Re: Georgina?

    I have to say that I like Georgiana much better. Georgina sounds like two names shoved together, and it reminds me of "Angina", and the dated names Regina and Gina. Here are some combos I like for Georgiana (most of them could work for Georgina as well, so sorry for repeats!):

    Georgiana Claire
    Georgiana Bethany
    Georgiana Amelie
    Georgiana Fable/Faye
    Georgiana Kathleen
    Georgiana Evelyn
    Georgiana Emmeline
    Georgiana Adeline

    I hope this helps! :)

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    Re: Georgina?

    Thank you for all your terrific picks!

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