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    Re: DH's list of names

    Great list! I like Savanna(h) and Maya. My favorite is Mira but I prefer it as a nickname for Miranda.

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    Re: DH's list of names

    I would go with Miriam Annabelle!

    Miriam can be shortened to Mia or Mira (both on his list), or Mimi. And Annabelle is just so pretty, and leaves you with additional nn options of Anna or Belle (if you get tired of all the nn options of Miriam).

    Miriam Annabelle is a very sophisticated classic name with lots of girly nn options, and I think it's just a great fit. All around, I think it's perfect because it incorporates a lot of the elements of the different names on your list, without being overly popular, and it provides for lots of options for your daughter.
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    Re: DH's list of names

    Of the names listed, I like the following...

    Mia- I love this name, but I fear its getting pretty popular. Also, I don't like the meaning very much.

    Isla- So beautiful!

    Sophie- Also popular, but it's so classic and pretty that if you both love it, I'd say use it anyway. Plus, I love that it means "wisdom."

    Mira- this is by far my favorite of all your names. It's got so much personality!

    Annabelle- my second favorite. Absolutely beautiful. If you don't decide to use this name for the first name, I think it could also be a great middle name.

    Savanna- I really like this, but not nearly as much as some of your other choices (Mira, Annabelle, Isla).

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    Re: DH's list of names

    Thanks for all your great comments!!

    I love the idea of Miriam Annabelle with those nicknames. He won't go for it though.

    Here are my fave from his list with the addition of Annelise and Gianna from my list:

    Sophie-Anne (popularity does bother me, but I'm trying to suck it up)

    What about Mirabelle Annelise or Sophie Annelise (Sophie-Anne)?

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    Re: DH's list of names

    Quote Originally Posted by shanapops
    ooooo...I really like both of those! Annelise if one of my top three names though, so I am slightly biased:) Mirabelle Annelise is a bit of a mouthful, but I still really like it!

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