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    turn of the century name bank

    create a turn of the century family by using olny names from the namebank, mother,father and 8 children, then say do you like the any of the combinations you've made? why or why not?

    Andrew,Benjamin, Charlie, Donald, Fred, Horace, Kenneth, Michael,Theodore, William.

    Alice, Beatrice, Dorothy,Ellen,Georgia, Katherine, Laura, Margaret, Pearl Sarah

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    Re: turn of the century name bank

    Father: William - I like the name, it's solid, very masculine and Will is a cute nickname
    Mother: Sarah - I kind of like it, it's pretty
    Theodore - love it, prefer just Theo!
    Alice - lovely name, kind of whimsical-feminine, ha!
    Ellen - cute
    Beatrice - I like it and I think Bee is a very cute nickname
    Pearl - very kind of poetic name, I like it
    Georgia - GG someone? It's really cute.
    Margaret - I love this name, Maggie is my favorite nickname
    Benjamin - good name

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    Re: turn of the century name bank

    Father: William Theodore - I love William not really theodore but think it sounds intelligent when paired together

    mother: Laura Margaret: its okay but theres nothing that stands out about it

    1. Charlie Benjamin: Charlie and the chocolate factory anyone?

    2. Horace Andrew: I love Horace this is so classic sounding

    3. Donald Kenneth: not really, its kind of goofy sounding

    4. Fred Michael: okay, the first name is nowhere near my favorite but its my partners name, the middle name is slightly boring

    5.Sarah Beatrice: I really don't like Sarah for some reason, and Beatrice seems really outdated

    6. Alice Dorothy: I love Alice, guess it's because I love Alice in wonderland its just a magical name, Dorothy is okay

    7. Georgia Pearl, I don't like either,just too tacky

    8.Ellen Katherine: Its pretty,and classic

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    Re: turn of the century name bank

    Mother: Georgia Pearl
    Father: Michael Horace

    Dorothy Margaret
    Alice Sarah
    Beatrice Ellen
    Katherine Laura

    Andrew Kenneth
    Benjamin Donald
    Theodore Charlie
    William Fred

    I like all the boys first names but none of the middles. (Benjamin, Theodore and William being my favourites). I don't really love any of the girls but Beatrice is alright. Makes me think of beetroot a little.

    Five of these names actually already exist in my family (3 of them being my generation). I guess we're a classic names family.

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    Re: turn of the century name bank

    Father: William Charlie
    Mother: Alice Dorothy

    Daughter: Katherine Laura
    Son: Benjamin Donald
    Daughter: Margaret Pearl
    Son: Andrew Kenneth
    Son: Michael Horace
    Son: Theodore Fred
    Daughter: Beatrice Sarah
    Daughter: Georgia Ellen

    I like all the first names but not so much the middle.

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