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    Re: Annelise Gianna??

    Hi! I know a Gianna who pronounces her name as "John-uh," with two syllables. so Annelise Gianna didn't sound "anne" heavy to me. (Then again, I may be mispronouncing Gianna...)

    Good luck! :-)

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    Re: Annelise Gianna??

    Quote Originally Posted by elle
    I think it's nice. The -a at the end actually makes it easier for the words to roll.

    Gianna is Italian for Jane, but Gian is John. So don't lop off the -na without making sure you understand what that does to the name!
    The only Gian I know is the famous Olympic swimmer from Australia and she is named Gian Rooney.
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    Re: Annelise Gianna??

    too many NN with both names together.

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    Re: Annelise Gianna??

    Quote Originally Posted by shanapops
    Our two top names are:

    Annelise and Gianna

    I'd love to use them both, but the "anne/a" in both of them seems redundant to me. Is it too much to have a little girl named

    Annelise Gianna??

    It'd be an easy way to use both our top names without having to decide.
    I love the name Annelise, but I have to say that the "anna" in Gianna is just too similar. I would go with something else.

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    Re: Annelise Gianna??

    Hm, I was thinking in Italian about the pronunciation. More like what someone posted about "John-uh." Otherwise it may be a little repetitive as other people pointed out. I was thinking "ahn-nah leesah john uh." Sort of... hard/weird to type out phonetically.

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