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    Re: my new baby Apocalypse!!! Opinions???

    I think the negative connotations are seriously going to make everyone very wary, I like your spunk and creativity, but I fear it may be a little missplaced.
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    Re: my new baby Apocalypse!!! Opinions???

    I don't like dissing a name when it has already been given, but i have to say i'm not mad on it. I am all for unusual names, but this is a little too unusual for me.

    What are you 4 other children called?

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    Re: my new baby Apocalypse!!! Opinions???

    Hmmm . . .

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    Re: my new baby Apocalypse!!! Opinions???

    I think it takes a lot of courage to use a name like that. DIfferent names suit different names & families. On some people, Banjo might be odd & on someone else it would be perfect.As long as it fits in with you are - go for it!

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    Re: my new baby Apocalypse!!! Opinions???

    It's a little surprising that you've already named your son Apocalypse and are asking for opinions's like you want to hear the shocked reactions!
    While I respect your desire to make your son stand out, I think he will have a very difficult time growing up with this's one thing to have an unusual name that will raise some eyebrows, but a name like this just has such a negative connotation to it...

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