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Thread: Rhea and Gaia

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    Rhea and Gaia

    Hello all :)

    I've been M.I.A. from the boards for a little bit. As some of you know we were TTC. Success! I'm still very early, 7weeks and have my first appointment on Monday. I know I should be careful getting too excited.

    On to the question - How do you pronounce Rhea and Gaia.
    I've searched high and low on the internet to find the most common pronunciation of each. I've found Rhea as ree-ah and even as ray-ah (my preferred choice) and Gaia as gay-ah, guy-ah, and even jee-ah (also my preferred).
    I just want to get the opinion of the majority.


    I'm considering both of these names as middle names for Ruby.

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    Re: Rhea and Gaia

    I would pronounce it Ray-ah and Gay-ah....Never really thought about other ways of saying it :P

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    Re: Rhea and Gaia

    I know a Rhea who pronounced it ree-a, so that's how I would automatically say it. Gaia, I think, is gay-a, but I could be wrong.
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    Re: Rhea and Gaia

    My mythology professor in college pronounced Gaia as Guy-ah (though she herself admitted there is some confusion amongst scholars as to exactly how it is said, and that is simply her preferred version) and Rhea as Ree-uh.


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    Re: Rhea and Gaia

    I would pronounce Rhea ray-ah and Gaia guy-uh. Good luck!

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