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    Re: What are your thoughts on the name Felicity?

    Felicity has a great history, meaning and sound, not just associated with American Girl dolls!! Also, not many people are going to remember Felicity the show when your daughter is, say 10 - in our hyper-media world, the show will be a hazy memory!
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    Re: What are your thoughts on the name Felicity?

    I love, love, love Felicity and just wish I could get DH on board. (I mention it periodically to see if it's taken root yet). I second everything in karen's post too, it is the best of the virtue names because it is not too obvious or burdensome to the child (like Chastity is, for example) and not a word that's commonly used so it still seems like a name. I don't have a problem with any of the associations - Felicity the show, Felicity Huffman or the doll. My only complaint is actually the nicknames - I don't care for Flick/Flicka and Lissy sounds to babyish to me. But I love Fizzy that was mentioned by someone else! It makes me love Felicity even more!

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