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    Re: Sister for Phoebe

    Have you thought of Marguerite? It has the whole pretty French thing that Margot/Margo has without the spelling issues and it stands more distinct from Maggie I think. Anyway, just an idea!

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    Re: Sister for Phoebe

    Margo - I think this is a lovely sounding name, but I understand what you mean about the spelling. Margo, Margot or Margeaux. Margo looks unfinished, but not horrible. I'm just afraid she'll spend her life saying "Margo with no T" It can get annoying...take it from a "Valeri with no E" That being said, I love my name and wouldn't want it spelled any other way.

    Sybil - I really really like this name. I think Phoebe and Sybil sound very good together.

    Helena - This is a pretty name, but it seems a bit weighty to use with Phoebe.

    Blythe - I have always loved this name. I think after Sybil, this is my favorite combo with Phoebe.

    Sylvia - I don't like Sylvia. I love Sylvie though. Only thing is... Sylvie and Phoebe kind of sound the same to me.

    I really like the Sybil and Phoebe combo the best. Phoebe and Blythe are my second favorite.

    Sybil Eugenie
    Blythe Eugenie

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    Re: Sister for Phoebe

    I really love the combos Margo and Phoebe, Sylvia and Phoebe, Helena and Phoebe. Phoebe is one of my favorite names, and I've always thought Sylvia and Helena both went with it really well. I'd never thought of Margo, but I really like it!

    Other names I like with Phoebe:

    EDIT: I really love lamps idea of Marguerite! This is such a beautiful name and a great alternative to Margo, though I don't think Margo will blend in with Maggie too terribly.

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    Re: Sister for Phoebe

    Well, y'all have pretty much nailed my taste! Of the ones you suggested I have considered
    And my dog's name is Olive!

    I love the idea of Iris, but my last name starts with an 'S" and when you chop of the 'S' it becomes an even more common surname. Therefore, a child named Iris or Frances would be constantly correcting her last name, which we have to do enough already.

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