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    Re: What if you had another sibling?

    Hmm ... I'll have to ask my parents! But for now, I am pretty sure that they would have picked a feminised boys' name for another girl, to match my sister and I (WiniFRED and ADAMina). Perhaps Harriet, because I have a Great Aunt Hattie who everyone adores, but that probably wouldn't have been quite unusual enough for them.

    For a boy, I know my mother has always loved Tarquin, and it seems unusual enought to match my brother, Clovis.

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    Re: What if you had another sibling?

    I would name her Joyful Loving Friend because that is what sisters should be to each other.

    Brother would be named Samson (for strength) Honest Caring Happy Guy.
    Psalm 23

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    Re: What if you had another sibling?

    Me - Caroline Elizabeth
    Brothers - Benjamin Galen King, Caleb Amos, Lucas Charles, Chase Anthony
    Imaginary sister - Charlotte Rachel (The doctors think I might have had a twin, and this is what her name was going to be!)
    Imaginary brother - Jack William

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    Re: What if you had another sibling?

    Me- Lyndsay Jenness
    My Brother- Jeffrey Rowe

    My mom had a miscarriage before my brother was born who she said would have been named Michaela (I don't know how she would have spelled it). It would probably be Michaela Ann or Michaela Elizabeth, or maybe Michaela Rose. My mom loved the name Scott, so I'd guess that for a boy. Probably Scott William.

    Lyndsay, Jeffrey, Michaela and Scott go pretty well together, I think. Even though I don't really like Michaela very much.

    If were my parents I would have picked Lulette, Cecilia and Elizabeth for girls. And George, Robert and William for boys.
    Proud mama to two sweet boys:

    Dashiell David Rowe
    Flynn William Warfield

    "Real babies are more difficult than ideas of babies... Or even pictures of babies."
    -James Franco

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    Re: What if you had another sibling?

    I am Lindsey. My brother is Samuel. Mom also liked (for me) Sierra. If I were a boy, I'd have been Spencer. My brother would have been Margo if he'd have been a girl. We are almost 10 years apart so I don't think mom was concerned about us having names that went together...

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