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    Re: An apology and an introduction

    Hello, and I'm so sorry for all of the misfortune that has befallen you and your family of late. However, at least your beautiful little girl has a name, lovely Lark!

    I'd go with Lark Juliet ----, as Lark is HER name, as you mentioned, and Juliet is both a normal name and your favorite (not to mention, it is extraordinarily beautiful). As for her second middle name, Aster has a harsh sound that I don't care for, especially with the hard end sound of Juliet and the hard sounds in "Jackson." So, I'd go with a form of Mary. Maryweld, albeit interesting and unique, sounds a bit odd and Lark already has a natural, woodsy feel.

    Might you try Marigold, Mariel, Marissa, Muriel, Maisie, Mariella, or Rosemary?

    My Pick - Lark Juliet Rosemary "Jackson," Lark Juliet Mariella "Jackson," OR...

    Julia Lark Rosemary "Jackson"

    Best wishes to you and your family, BabyGrey!
    "Names, once they are in common use, quickly become mere sounds, their etymology being buried, like so many of the earth's marvels, beneath the dust of habit." - Salman Rushdie

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    Re: An apology and an introduction

    Here is a long list of all the variant forms of Mary so that you can see if there is one there that really 'fits' with your Lark Juliet combo.

    I think the flow and uniqueness of Maryweld seduced me for a while but maybe one of these would be a better match?

    Language of origin: Hebrew

    Gender: female

    Meaning/translation: bitterness (?)

    Info about origin: as the name of Mary, the mother of Jesus, a symbol for pure and deep love

    the meaning of the name is disputed; maybe it means 'bitterness'
    another possibility is an Egyptian origin with the name derived from 'mry' (beloved)
    'Maria' is the Greek/Latin original form, 'Mirjam' the older Aramaic/Hebrew form probably the most often used Christian female name


    Mary English (#41 in US popularity)
    Maike German, Low German, Frisian
    Mareile German, Swiss German
    Maria German, Italian, Portuguese, English, Scandinavian, Dutch, Polish, Greek (#42 in US popularity)
    Mariana German (#428 in US popularity)
    Marie German, French (#293 in US popularity)
    Marion German, French, English
    Mariona German
    Marisa German, Italian, Spanish, English (#195 in US popularity)
    Marissa German, Italian, Spanish, English (#62 in US popularity)
    Miriam English, French, German (#286 in US popularity)
    Mirjam German, Dutch
    Manon French
    Mariah English (#78 in US popularity)
    Mariam English, Arabic (#905 in US popularity)
    Mariel English (#953 in US popularity)
    Mariela English (#655 in US popularity)
    Mariella Italian
    Marietta Italian
    Mariette French
    Marilyn English (#461 in US popularity)
    Marita Italian, Spanish
    Maritza Spanish (#480 in US popularity)
    Marķa Spanish
    Maureen English (#756 in US popularity)
    May English
    Mia Scandinavian (#227 in US popularity)
    Mollie English (#508 in US popularity)
    Molly English (#93 in US popularity)
    Manja Russian
    Marija Russian
    Marika Hungarian
    Mariska Hungarian
    Marja Russian
    Marushka Russian
    Meeri Finnish
    Malia Hawaii (#918 in US popularity)
    Psalm 23

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    Re: An apology and an introduction

    So glad to hear from you!! I think Lark is beautiful, and I love that she seemed to choose it herself.
    For full name, I like Lark Juliet Jackson, or Lark Marie Juliet Jackson. I think a soft ending like Marie or Malia or May would help balance out the K and T endings of the other two.

    I hope your health problems begin to resolve soon! I was worried that might be why you stopped posting.

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