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Thread: Aspen ?

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    Re: Aspen ?

    I think Aspen is one of the better location names like London, Paris, Tennessee. I say go for it. I think a fem classic name would gp great as a middle some examples:

    Aspen Elizabeth
    Aspen Aurora

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    Re: Aspen ?

    Quote Originally Posted by emddutton
    Maybe it's because I live in Colorado, but I instantly associate it with the ritzy ski town. I think of it as a posh location name for a little princess, similar to Paris.
    I think the exact same thing because I live in Colorado as well. To top it off, I know a girl named Aspen who seems like she could live in Aspen. She's a little snobby and such. Not my favorite name. Also, the first syllable just makes me really dislike the name.

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    Re: Aspen ?

    Bumped this for another poster asking about Aspen.

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    Re: Aspen ?

    I know a beautiful little girl named Aspen. It suits her; she's her own person, very precocious and friendly, and does things her own way. Moreover, she loves that her name is special.

    I would think Aspen Rose would be a popular choice. If not that, something short, like Cara or Lynn.

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