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Thread: Noah or Noel?

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    Nov 2009

    Noah or Noel?

    We're expecting twins in a few months - a girl and a boy... We already found a name for the babygirl which is Alia Malou... For her brother we aren't sure yet... We hesitate between Noah Matteo and Noel Matthew...

    What do you think?!

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    Re: Noah or Noel?

    Noel is all girl to me. I really like Noah, and it goes nicely with Alia.

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    Re: Noah or Noel?

    I like Noel and don't find it feminine if pronounced like Joel or Cole...If pronounced like Christmas in French it would need to look like Nol to be pronounced No-elle. Noelle looks feminine to me not Noel. That being said, I like Noah and Noel but I think Noel is a little more fresh sounding and less popular.

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    Re: Noah or Noel?

    I like Noah better than Noel, but like the flow of Noah Matthew better than Noah Matteo.

    Best wishes to you! :-)

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    Re: Noah or Noel?

    I prefer Noel Matthew...or Noel Matteo!

    While Noah is a lovely name, it's very popular. I have an acquaintance that loved Noel, but was worried about the No-el... so her son became Nolan David and they call him Nol...

    Obviously, when they see your son, they'll know he's not a No-el...

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