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    Re: Has the name Joaquin been ruined for you too?

    No, I still like the name. Luckily I don't automatically think of him when I hear the name. I agree he has turned into a weirdo.

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    Re: Has the name Joaquin been ruined for you too?

    Yeah not really obsorbed into the Hollywood scene...just thought it was a funny interview (if it's a hoax of course). I still like the name I just can't help but think of that interview everytime I hear it lol It's hilarious...

    Quote Originally Posted by karen
    Is he really that much of a deal? I barely ever heard of him, yes I saw his "change" (not really sure what he did before that). When I think of Joaquin, I think of Kelly Ripa using it, and that didn't ruin it for me (I don't know if I love her or hate her). I could say I hadn't even given this name a lot of thought before. I think Joaquin is a cute and quirky name that hasn't been ruined unless you are really absorbed into scandal and Hollywood gossip - and even then, what is really the scandal here? Plus it is really old news (last winter, I think?) I guess he is not going back the way you want him.

    Is the name River tainted? The only person I ever heard of named River died young, on the sidewalk, of a heroin overdose. Don't forget that he was some kind of weird guy from a weird family. I'd cut JP some slack, find another name if you don't like him.

    Here's an interview done in February when he made his announcement:

    He seems serious and not crazy. He's just doing what he likes more than making movies. Haven't heard about it or any of his new projects since February.

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