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  • Beckett Elizabeth

    2 3.64%
  • Violet Elizabeth

    18 32.73%
  • Marlowe Elizabeth

    14 25.45%
  • Ivy Elizabeth

    6 10.91%
  • Beatrice Elizabeth

    1 1.82%
  • Daphne Elizabeth

    9 16.36%
  • Jane Elizabeth

    1 1.82%
  • Harriet Elizabeth

    4 7.27%
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    Sleepless nights - I need a name!!!!!

    Okay Name Geniuses - I need some serious help here. I'm not joking when I say I'm losing sleep trying to come up with a name - I'm slowing driving myself (and hubby) crazy in search of the PERFECT name.
    I've posted before and got some really REALLY great suggestion. I've spent the pass week mulling over all of them. Can you help us narrow it down - OR of course if you know of the perfect name that we haven't thought of yet PLEASE Let us know!

    Thanks AGAIN for all your help!

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    Re: Sleepless nights - I need a name!!!!!

    Hi! I thought I'd copy my reply from the other post...

    I love so many of your names! (I apologize, but I can't recall your children's names...)

    Beckett Elizabeth: I can totally appreciate unisex names, but Beckett is all boy to me....

    Violet Elizabeth: I think this is stunning...

    Ivy Elizabeth: I love this so much, too...

    Beatrice Elizabeth: I love Beatrice, but I'm thinking that some of your other combos have a better flow...

    Daphne Elizabeth: I love it...

    Jane Elizabeth: I think it's beautiful, but if your other daughter has a more unconventional name, I'm thinking that some of your other choices may be a better fit...

    Harriet Elizabeth: I think this is great! I love Harriet, and think that Hattie is a darling nickname.

    Marlowe: I prefer Marlowe over Beckett for a girl, and think that Marlowe Elizabeth is very pretty. If your daughter has a unisex name, I think this would be a good fit.

    I voted for Violet, but it was tied with Ivy, Daphne, and Harriet. :-)

    (But if your daughter has a unisex name--I'm thinking it's Emery or Ellery--I think that Marlowe would fit very well.)

    Best wishes to you! :-)

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    Re: Sleepless nights - I need a name!!!!!

    I picked Jane because I love it with Elizabeth. I love Beatrice Elizabeth, too.

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    Re: Sleepless nights - I need a name!!!!!

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    Re: Sleepless nights - I need a name!!!!!

    Daphne Elizabeth is gorgeous, flows nicely, and goes very well with the other names.....I hope you pick this one ! Good luck and congratulations!

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