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    Girls and Boys

    A- Aurora "Rory" and Aiden/Alec/Alastair
    B- Brylee and Bryce/Brayden
    C- Chelsea and Cameron
    D- Daisy and Dexter "Dex"/Declan
    E- Emma and Elliot
    F- Fiona/Felicia and Franklin/Flynn
    G- Gemma and Gabriel
    H- Holly and Horatio
    I- Ireland and Isaac
    J- Jordyn and Jace
    K- Kenzie/Kennedy and Kyle
    L- Lucy and Leo
    M- Melody/Matilda and Maxwell
    N- Noelle and Noah
    O- Olivia and Oliver
    P- Piper and Peyton
    Q- Quinn and Quinten
    R- Rebecca and Ryder/Rylan
    S- Scotlynn and Sebastian
    T- Tessa and Thomas
    U- Uriela and Ulric
    V- Viola and Victor
    W- Wren and Wyatt
    X- Xandra and Xander
    Y- Yelena and York
    Z- Zoe and Zane

    Favorites are bold
    Ones I like are underlined (They are still my favorite for that letter though)
    Ones I only picked cause I needed to fill the letter and it's what I like best for that letter are in italics. (These are ones I'd probably never use)
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