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    Re: My Favorite girl names (top10): your opinions or suggestions

    Avalon (nn Ava, Avvy)-- not too fond of this one, but I like Ava on its own
    Aurora (nn Aurie)-- very pretty, but what about Rory as a nn instead of Aurie?
    Collette (nn Lettie)-- don't like it, sorry
    Daisy-- I only think of my cat!
    Isabella (nn Bella)-- Adore, but I wish it weren't so popular!
    Lily-- my FAVORITE name! but, alas, too popular!
    Josephine (nn Josie)-- I like Josephine, just not Josie
    Madeleine (nn Maddy)-- Adore Madeleine, especially spelled this way!
    Noella (nn Ellie)-- not fond of it..
    Violette (nn Lettie)-- very pretty! I like the nn "Vi", too

    favorites-- Lily, Josephine and Madeleine =)

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    Re: My Favorite girl names (top10): your opinions or suggestions

    Josephine (Josie) is my favorite on your list. It is pretty, classy, and elegant with a cute nickname.
    Mother of three teenagers: (1) Daniel Glen, (2) Timothy Austin, and (3) Rebecca Jane. All middle names honor family, with Jane used three generations in a row. (A second girl would have been Susanna Eve).

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    Re: My Favorite girl names (top10): your opinions or suggestions

    Quote Originally Posted by jenevieve
    Just curious as to your thoughts on my favorite girl names:

    Avalon (nn Ava, Avvy)
    Aurora (nn Aurie)
    Collette (nn Lettie)
    Isabella (nn Bella)
    Josephine (nn Josie)
    Madeleine (nn Maddy)
    Noella (nn Ellie)
    Violette (nn Lettie)

    I love Avalon, it's not a name I'm bold enough to use, so kudos for considering it!
    Aurora seems great, but everyone seems to love it so I'm predicting it'll get popular, and it doesn't roll off of my tongue.
    I can never figure out how to spell Collette, one L? Two L's? What about T's? And is there an E on the end? Okay!
    Daisy is adorable, enough said.
    Isabella is very floaty, princessy, also five year old girly. There are two in my youngest's playgroup, four in my daughters preschool, and 3 in my sons kindergarten class, I kid you not.
    Lily is classic and beautiful, great pick!
    Josephine is classic and grown up, Josie is perfect as a nickname, love it.
    I never know how people spell Madeleine anymore, and Maddy/Maddie is getting difficult too.
    Noella, I'm not a fan, I speak french so I think christmas + La, or No Ella.
    Violette, also not a fan, Violet or Violette? I never know! And I read it Violent, which, let's face it, not okay. It's a beautiful name and flower, just complicated on paper.
    You have excellent taste though! The ones I love, I really really love!

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    Re: My Favorite girl names (top10): your opinions or suggestions

    Thanks for the responses. I am happy to see that Avalon is accepted and not too unusual. Yes, I love the King Arther name is Jenevieve which is close to Guinevere. I like this connection without being too matchy.
    I am starting to think Isabella is too popular..I am not going to worry about popularity with the other names
    Thanks again!

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    Re: My Favorite girl names (top10): your opinions or suggestions

    Avalon (nn Ava, Avvy) – very cute, I like it!
    Aurora (nn Aurie) – I really like this name, hubby doesn’t though.
    Collette (nn Lettie) – Not my style at all.
    Daisy – gorgeous on a child, a bit weird on an adult.
    Isabella (nn Bella) – not a fan, and I predict due to the Twilight phenomena it will become really popular soon.
    LilyLOVE. Plan to use this someday, except in the variation Lillian after a great grandmother.
    Josephine (nn Josie) – Not my style, cute though.
    Madeleine (nn Maddy) – I like this, my husband hates it though.
    Noella (nn Ellie) – Not a fan.
    Violette (nn Lettie) – The name Violet (and variations) always remind me of ‘violent’. Can’t get past that.

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