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Thread: WDYT of...

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    Re: WDYT of...

    I would suggest Vaughn is a stand alone name and Van if nn for something longer.

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    Re: WDYT of...

    How about Donovan Michael and Van as nn :)

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    Re: WDYT of...

    Quote Originally Posted by charliehotsox
    I agree with what they said:) Do you like Von? It's Norse and it means 'hope'.

    Von is in fact a Norse word meaning 'hope'. I've never seen it as a name though and I can tell you there are no Vons in Norway...
    The pronounciation is not what you think though. It's not like the last part of Yvonne or similar to Van, it's more like VOON only the O is deeper like in Owen... ^^
    I wouldn't say it's a good alternative to Van, but you never know :)
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    Re: WDYT of...

    I'd use Van as nickname of Sullivan too...

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