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    Re: Is the name Darwin usable?

    I really like Jeffrey Darwin... I think that Darwin is not THAT special that you couldn't use it as middle name...

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    Re: Is the name Darwin usable?

    Quote Originally Posted by rachelmarie
    So would Charles Jeffrey or Jeffrey Charles sound better?
    I think both combos have a good flow so really it depends if you like the nn Charlie or Jeff better.

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    Re: Is the name Darwin usable?

    You're welcome, Rachel! :-) I love Charles! I think that Jeffrey Charles has a better flow than Charles Jeffrey, but I love Charles more than Jeffrey.

    If you like Jefferson, I think that Charles Jefferson (or even Jefferson Charles) sounds great! :-)

    Take care! :-)

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    Re: Is the name Darwin usable?

    Charles Jeffrey sounds great to me -- it could work equally well on a baby, a child, an adolescent, or an adult!

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    Re: Is the name Darwin usable?

    Quote Originally Posted by devinjes
    The awards are given to people to who die doing stupid things, to my knowlegde, people dont knowingly think, im stupid so im going to do something stupid and memorable to kill myself. It people who accidentally kill themselves, by trying to do something and not doing it right.

    Example being "Darwin says, "Double Darwin!"
    (26 September 2009, Dinant, Belgium) Two bankrobbers attempting to make a sizeable withdrawal from an ATM machine died when they overestimated the quantity of dynamite needed for the explosion. Nobody else was in the building at the time of the attack. Robber One was rushed to hospital severely injured, and Robber Two was unexpectedly excavated from the debris twelve hours later.

    Uncovering the second bungler's body was a surprise because investigators initially assumed that the accomplice had managed a getaway. Would-be robbers One and Two weren't exactly impoverished--their getaway car was a BMW."

    Possibly im misunderstanding what you said Karen? The Darwin awards like to laugh at other people's deaths, and which demands to be intellectually admired for doing so. The Darwin Awards exist to award "stupid people whose stupidity leads to their killing themselves, thereby removing themselves from the gene pool".

    I wouldnt consider stupidity and death to fall under the same category as Natural Selection, as people do not choose to be stupid, while most people knowingly dos tuff that leads to there death, in the examply above, these robbers thought they would get away from with money, they didnt purposly put to much dynamite and kill themselves. They were simply "honoured" with a Darwin Award because they were stupid, and thefor could no longer reproduce, and breed more "intelecually challanged" people. I personally believe that the Darwin Awards are a insult, on Darwin and annyone who has the misfortune to recieve one of these awards (mostly because you must be dead to be awarded a Darwin). They mock people, and their untimely demise, and as i said i wouldnt exactly call accidental death by means of stupitiy natural selection, because then (and in advance no offense to anyone) all people who are mentally or physically retarted would be naturally selected to die. Sorry im no longer arguing with you, more so arguing with the creators of the award and the flaws within it. However i do know that some people do highyl stupid things, and when i say highly i mean highly. So i guess this is a double standard because within the mockery of people that just do dumb things, are people who did something stupid, by accident. I am very interested to know why they chose to call them the darwin awards, i cannot seem to find any good solid information on that, but from what i gather its an insult on the brillent charles darwin. The real, scientifically given Charles Darwin Award is a much better suit for the ledgendary Darwin as they are given to the most presteigious of zoological students. However i do deem the Darwin Awards a rather large insult to Charles Darwin
    The Darwin Awards are not an insult to Darwin! To be considered for an award the person must have died or sterilised themselves BEFORE having offspring, thereby removing their genes from the collective gene pool, and improving the intelligence of the species. It's a facetious joke, but no reflection on Darwin himself.

    I think Charles is a better name than Darwin, only because I prefer the sound and appearance of the name, I personally admire the scientist :)

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