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    Thoughts on Sean?

    So, without telling my age, okay I am 40...I grew up with alot of boys named Sean. We are considering it for baby #4. I know that some people might think it is dated or boring but it is growing on me...I prefer Sean to Shane. What are your thoughts? My other children have Irish names as well, Owen and Declan. I kind of like the flow of the names together. Thoughts?

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    Re: Thoughts on Sean?

    I like it! It's a little bit dated, perhaps, but it's not like Todd - it doesn't scream "I was born in the seventies." Middle aged people will feel it has a nostalgic familarity; we all went to school with at least one Sean, but it still sounds new on a little boy. It's a soft, handsome name that is short and to the point and will sound distinctive and unique in a sea of Haydens.
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    Re: Thoughts on Sean?

    I like Sean a lot and don't see it as specific to one generation. I wouldn't think it was odd to see a baby Sean. And you're right that it fits right in with Owen and Declan.

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    Re: Thoughts on Sean?

    I like it! I also suggested that to DH who veto-ed it for us, but I think it's a great name. Being part of the 30+ crowd, I know it was a bit popular, but I think it's traditional, timeless. Many other Irish alternatives are either a bit too difficult for Americans or are way to trendy right now. I think Sean is a great choice.

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