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    Dominic or Julian?? Middle Names??

    Well, the title of this post kind of says it all. My baby boy isn't due too pressingly (is that a word?) soon, but I'm still obsessing over these final two choices. Please vote in the poll, and please tell me why you chose what you chose! Also, I have absolutely no idea what a middle name would be, so I'm hoping for suggestions on that too!
    Fennel is our last name. Thank you all in advance for the help I'm sure you'll give!

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    Re: Dominic or Julian?? Middle Names??

    I voted for Julian! I like Dominic, but I don't think it works as well with your last name and I don't like short form Dom.

    I think Julian i very handsome, but the only potential downside is that it might be seen as slightl feminine (it is a name used for girls as well, and it is also similar to julia or juliana).
    That said, I would be sure to choose a decidedly masculine middle. Some suggestions:
    Julian Charles Fennel
    Julian James Fennel
    Julian Robert Fennel
    Julian Isaac Fennel
    Julian Adam Fennel
    Julian Arthur Fennel
    Julian William Fennel
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    Re: Dominic or Julian?? Middle Names??

    Hi everyone! Thank you for voting and thank you, Jlm, for suggesting some middle names! I agree that with Julian a masculine, traditional middle name would be better, because of the girls' names Julia, Juliet, and Juliana, etc.

    We are still somewhat undecided...those of you who are voting, could you please post and say why you chose the name that you chose? It would be a big help.


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    Re: Dominic or Julian?? Middle Names??

    I really like Dominic and Julian so it was hard for me to chose. I voted Dominic in the end because I thought it sounded better with your last name but now I'm not sure...

    I'll stick with Dominic (although I love Julian!) and suggest some combos:

    Dominic Jude Fennel - best of both worlds right?
    Dominic James Fennel
    Dominic John Fennel
    Dominic Charles Fennel
    Dominic George Fennel
    Dominic Noah Fennel
    Dominic Hugh Fennel
    Dominic Lee Fennel
    Dominic Sean Fennel
    Dominic Gene Fennel
    Dominic Neil Fennel

    Any of these your style? If not I'll try again:)

    Good Luck!

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    Re: Dominic or Julian?? Middle Names??

    Hi! I think that both Julian and Dominic are great names, but I ended up choosing Dominic because it feels a bit more masculine to me than Julian. (I was in need of a deciding factor, and that was the only one I could think of.) :-) I do think they're both wonderful, and you honestly can't go wrong.

    Best wishes! :-)

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