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  • Layla

    7 17.50%
  • Laila

    2 5.00%
  • Leyla

    3 7.50%
  • Leila

    28 70.00%
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    Re: Layla/Laila/Leyla/Leila?

    I voted for Leila -- I am biased as I have a friend with that name. I also think it looks the least "made up" -- I think I just don't like y's in names that much. I would choose Laila as a 2nd choice, and Leilah also looks nice as pp suggested.

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    Re: Layla/Laila/Leyla/Leila?

    Just interested what you in the end named your baby eldest was born in Feb 2007, and her name is Leyla Isobel. I had chosen that spelling as the person who inspired the name was spelt that way, and Isobel being my grandmother's name. However spelt, just beautiful. Good- luck.

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    Re: Layla/Laila/Leyla/Leila?

    Quote Originally Posted by canadianne
    Quote Originally Posted by beanbagbody
    Hi - how are you pronouncing it?

    My daughter is named Laila (rhymes with 'smiler') and it has annoyed me all her short life that people constantly call her LAY-la (rhymes with Tayla/mailer). I guess we didn't really think that one through in the warm glow of the maternity ward.

    I wish I had spelled it Leila, so that's my advice!
    Just curious, where are you from? Hard as I try I can't get Laila to rhyme with smiler :) Is that Australian?
    I guess that's what you call a non-rhotic accent. Found in a significant area of Britain, as I recall.

    I would say all four spellings the same. You can never be unambiguous on pronunciation. I expect some could also say Leila with the long I sound as in Einstein.

    I favor Leila.The spellings with Y feel like unnecessary Anglicization.

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    Re: Layla/Laila/Leyla/Leila?

    I think it would depend on your heritage and last name to how you choose to spell it.... Theres french, arabic, german, english, and irish spellings. Good Luck and Congrats!

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