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  • Layla

    7 17.50%
  • Laila

    2 5.00%
  • Leyla

    3 7.50%
  • Leila

    28 70.00%
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    Re: Layla/Laila/Leyla/Leila?

    I voted for Leila, but Laila is lovely too. I don't like Layla-- it has a trendy feel to me, like Kayla. Leyla just looks wrong. I think Leila Isabel is gorgeous!
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    Re: Layla/Laila/Leyla/Leila?

    I pronounce them all as LAY-luh, too, as I don't personally care for the LIE-luh pronunciation...

    My favorite is Leila, and it is beautiful with Isabel! Great choice!
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    Re: Layla/Laila/Leyla/Leila?

    I also pronounce them all as lay-la, like the Eric Clapton song, and voted for Leila. I would only get lie-la from Lila or Lilah (though I could see how some people might think Laila could go either way).

    Anyway, Leila seems to be the easiest and most classic spelling of lay-la (Layla is perhaps the most phonetic spelling, but it just doesn't look as nice). I don't think you'll have pronunciation problems with Leila, and it's a beautiful name.
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    Re: Layla/Laila/Leyla/Leila?

    I prefer Leila. The song is spelled Layla, and apparently the name of it is inspired by this story:, (Layla and the Madman), which is sometimes spelled (or rather transliterated?) as Laila. I see also on that page, Leyli.

    I guess it is one part stickler in me to think the correct spelling is Leila, but now I see how it is obviously transliterated from another alphabet in the other 3 ways. I still like Leila best, but I think sometimes people might pronounce it like Lila or Leela. Whereas, someone spells Lila like Laila, Laila, Layla and Leyla seem best if you want people to pronounce it like Layla the first time and not have to be corrected, with a slight edge for Layla.

    The reason I dislike the spelling Layla is probably stubborn and ignorant - I love that song, but was unaware of the story (other than the Pattie Boyd/George Harrison part, which I knew). If I wanted people to think I loved Eric Clapton and named my child after the song, I'd spell it Layla. If I just like the name, and maybe I love it because of the song, I might misdirect people and spell it Leila, which I thought was most correct, and a lot more classy looking, and people wouldn't say I was corny naming her for a song (like, only the best song ever, just about!) I'm a little sensitive about very distinct cultural references like that, especially pop culture.

    In turn, it seems geocentric to dismiss the Layla spelling, given that it's spelled like that in the legend, and Leila is invented as a respelling in 1813 by Lord Byron.

    This whole Lord Byron thing sort of unravels this a bit. Layla would seem most authentic. The Arabic is here:!yla-y

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    Re: Layla/Laila/Leyla/Leila?

    I'm into it's Layla for me. Simple to spell, and simple to pronounce based on the spelling. I really don't think you can run into pronunciation issues with Layla, whereas you might with Leila. Plus, I know some people would associate it with the Eric Clapton song, which is also spelled Layla.
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