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  • Layla

    7 17.50%
  • Laila

    2 5.00%
  • Leyla

    3 7.50%
  • Leila

    28 70.00%
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    I am committed to the name, but have not yet committed to a spelling. I'd love to hear opinions! (I am considering Isabel for her middle name - feel free to opine on that as well!)

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    Re: Layla/Laila/Leyla/Leila?

    I think Leila Isabel is a lovely name.

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    Re: Layla/Laila/Leyla/Leila?

    Hi - how are you pronouncing it?

    My daughter is named Laila (rhymes with 'smiler') and it has annoyed me all her short life that people constantly call her LAY-la (rhymes with Tayla/mailer). I guess we didn't really think that one through in the warm glow of the maternity ward.

    I wish I had spelled it Leila, so that's my advice!

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    Re: Layla/Laila/Leyla/Leila?

    We are pronouncing it "LAY-la", like the Eric Clapton song. Maybe my phonetics are off because I never considered pronouncing any of the four spellings any other way. :)

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    Re: Layla/Laila/Leyla/Leila?

    I would pronounce all of those LAY-luh, which I completely love! My favorite is Leila, and the only one I kind of don't like is Leyla, it just looks funny to me. Any way you spell it, it's beautiful, and Leila Isabel is super gorgeous!
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