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    Once a Nickname... Always a Nickname???

    I've always hesitated to use formal names that easily turn into nicknames, because I have this concern that once you're known by a nickname, that'll forever be your identity. Which is not always a bad thing!

    But in the case that I REALLY like the formal name, yet people will just naturally jump to the nickname during childhood (ex: Elizabeth, Jacob, Joseph, Rebecca, Katherine, etc), is there ever a chance the formal name will be known beyond the birth certificate? Thanks for any guidance on this.... I was born with a 'no nickname' name, and neither my husband nor any of my children currently have nickname names. So don't have any experience with this!!!

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    Re: Poll: Once a Nickname... Always a Nickname???

    You cant do anything about your children having nicknames, more so when their younger. But i really do think if you have a son named Steven, and you call him Steven, never steve or stevie then when people try to call him that he will correct them. I know when i was a child and this is still true now, i was always jes nor jessie which was still a nickname but people who thought they were cutesy would call me jessie and i would correct them, im jes or jessica, not jessie. So i really think even if a name has a nickname, while people may try to use them, if your child is used to their full formal name then they will correct them.

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    Re: Poll: Once a Nickname... Always a Nickname???

    My family is anti-nickname, but I voted no because I can't think of a single person I know who had a nearly always used nickname and switched to the full form. Despite the fact that some of them have much nicer full names. I CAN think of a few who only used nicknames occasionally that stuck with the full form but only if the full form was the main one used throughout childhood anyway.

    Corrie not Cornelia, Katie and Katy not Katherine, Becky not Rebecca, Jill not Jillian, Kat not Kathryn, Joanie not Joan, Susie not Susan, Ben not Benjamin, Libby not Elizabeth, Matt not Matthew, Joe not Josiah, Micky not Michael, Bob not Robert (young), Dick not Richard(I know nuts but he's a lot older so it's generational I think), Aly not Alison, Jessi not Jessica, Lacy not Jacqueline, Jackie not Jacqueline.

    Oh, I can think of one now... Shelly a family friend usually goes by Michelle now, but it was Shelly for a huge part of her adulthood too not just childhood.

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    Re: Poll: Once a Nickname... Always a Nickname???

    My name is Raquel, my nn is/was Rocky. EVERYONE called me Rocky growing up, and now it's really only some friends that knew me as a child and some family. I'm Raquel to everyone else. But my nn is pretty extreme for a woman, so I won't introduce myself as Rocky to anyone anymore!
    My son is almost 7, and we call him Jacob - some family members call him Jake, and he tells them he doesn't like Jake, to call him Jacob instead.

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    Re: Poll: Once a Nickname... Always a Nickname???

    I think it completely depends on the person named. My sister, for example, was known by her full formal name, Valerie, from the time she could talk. We would try to shorten it to a nickname, and she would correct us, saying "my name is not Val, it is Valerie".

    My husband, similarly, has gone by his full name his entire life as well. Family members and close friends have their own little nicknames for him, but he is known by his full name to everyone else.

    Conversely, we had a family friend growing up (a couple years younger than myself) who's name was John Jeffery. When he was a kid, he was known as JJ to everyone, as a teen he decided to go by Jeff, and that's what everyone called him. As an adult, he has decided to go by John, and that's what everyone knows him as now.

    I think it is out of the parent's hands once the child has a sense of his/her self. They will make their own decisions regarding their name and identity!

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