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    I was a Susie when I was little, but once I was a little older -before high-school, I switched to Susanne. While I was at university some friends called me Su, which was fine until I realized some people were introducing me as Su... so I started saying: "it's Susanne" or "I prefer Susanne". And everyone was fine with it. I've also moved several times, so that helps... when you start off in a new situation you can kind of re-invent yourself if need be. I still have some old friends from uni who call me Su (as well as my brother and DH), and occasionally a member of my extended family calls me Susie but MOST people stick to my full name.
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    When I was a kid, my parents only called me Kathryn, occasionally Kath if they needed to say it quick, but pretty much just Kathryn. And so did everyone else! I chose to be called Katy in high school. After that, I switched back to Kathryn. Sometimes people ask "Do you go by something else?" or "Does anyone ever call you _____." And I say "No, I'm just Kathryn." And they call me Kathryn. The end.

    My sister Elizabeth was always only Elizabeth until high school as well, then she let her friends call her Liz and she still goes by Liz, by choice. Our parents call her Liz, even.

    My brother is and has aways been James. He never let anyone nickname him, and now as an adult no one even tries (except me - haha! - I call him Seamus).

    My childhood best friend Bethany used to let people call her Beth when we were little, then she decided she didn't like it. It really wasn't a big problem to get people to stop (except her dad - he couldn't help it). We switched years in school, so we had a new teacher, and everyone kinda just called her whatever the teacher did. Then she moved and went to a different school when we were in high school and she changed her name to Bethan. And then she switched back to Bethany. I've noticed her boyfriend still refers to her as Bethan when he's talking to someone they went to high school with, but he calls her Bethany the rest of the time. I sometimes call her Bethy and she still calls me Katy sometimes, but we're just being cute.
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    My full first name is rarely used. Once people have heard my nickname they just automatically start using it, which is fine with me. I'd estimate that I'm called by my actual name maybe 10% of the time.

    But i like my first name and its classy and professional and i wouldn't change it for anything. My nickname is well-known but not commonly used, and seems to be popular with Berries lately. It's definitely a nickname, you don't often see it as a first name.

    I would honestly really hate to have my nn as my full first name because i like having the more formal professional name to fall back on. It looks good on my resumes and diplomas

    Ultimately, if you don't give your kid a nickname i don't think others will (and it probably won't stick if they try). My parents have called me by my nickname since i was a baby, so everyone else called me that too.
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    Your child will be called whatever he/she wants to be called at that point in his/her life.

    My brother and I both went by nicknames at first. I gave mine up on my own after I got married and moved to a new town, my brother gave his up in 4th grade. All it takes is determination and consistency on the part of the one with the name.

    My kids, on the other hand, have double barreled names, and do not go by nicknames at all, since we/they introduce as the full name and say that's what he/she goes by. And here we're talking about little kids.

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    As a Kathryn I go by both my nicknames (Kat, Kathy or Ryn) and my full name. I normally introduce myself as Kat but I really don't mind what people call me as long as it isn't Katie. If someone calls me Katie, I tell them I'm Kat or Kathryn, simple. Most of the kids I know will let you know what they like to be known as, either nickname or full name.
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