View Poll Results: Did you or your children switch from nickname to formal name into adulthood?

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    I went the opposite way. I spent eighteen years as a Karen and then shortened it to Ren. I've been a Ren for eight years now.

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    I really think people will call you whatever name you introduce yourself with when you are an adult. People are much more prone to give small children cutesy nicknames, but if you never use them, chances are your child will correct it, unless they actually like the nickname (in which case, you can't do anything about it anyway).

    My name is Alexandra. My mother intended to call me Alexandra - but it's a mouthful for a little one, so I became Alex, which I was called throughout grade school. During college, my closest friends started shortening this to Al. I recently started a new, grown-up job, and told my supervisors to call me Alexandra (in an attempt to feel more grown-up). However, the first month of work everyone was stumbling over it, and would shorten it to their preference; Allie, Alexa, Alexia, Alessa, Lexi, etc. When I corrected them, I found myself saying "Alex" and not "Alexandra." My boyfriend, his family, and close friends occasionally call me Alexandra (and still Al pretty regularly), but that's it. Otherwise I'm Alex. You can call your child whatever you want, but it's really up to them what they end up with.

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    It really depends on the kid. I had a friend named Elizabeth and that's the end of it, she hated Lizzie and Liz. She was just Elizabeth. I also knew another Elizabeth that went by Liz. I have two friends named Kathryn and they both go by Katie and still do. I know an Emily that goes by Em and another that just goes by Emily.

    My sister is the opposite of the situation, she went by Melissa until high school and her friends began calling her Mel. I even picked up on it and from time to time I call her Mel.

    My husband's sister is in her 30's and still goes by Sam instead of Samantha. His other sister, in her late twenties, goes mainly by Allison, but sometimes I've heard her family call her Al for short.

    I always went by Diana. Not D or Di. I have only friend who actually calls me Di and another that calls me D. I don't mind at all, but it would be odd if someone who never called me by those names all of a sudden called me D or Di.

    So with those examples, you can see that it's going to depend on what the child wants to be called and what their friends decide to call them.

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    I've never seen anyone assume a nickname for someone else. If someone introduced themselves as Elizabeth, they'd be called Elizabeth unless they expressed an interest in being called Ellie/Beth/Betsy etc. My name is Katie, and I much prefer Kate, so I've started introducing myself as the latter. I've never seen anyone assume a nickname for someone else, though..
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    This is an old thread from 2009.
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