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    Once a Nickname... Always a Nickname???

    I've always hesitated to use formal names that easily turn into nicknames, because I have this concern that once you're known by a nickname, that'll forever be your identity. Which is not always a bad thing!

    But in the case that I REALLY like the formal name, yet people will just naturally jump to the nickname during childhood (ex: Elizabeth, Jacob, Joseph, Rebecca, Katherine, etc), is there ever a chance the formal name will be known beyond the birth certificate? Thanks for any guidance on this.... I was born with a 'no nickname' name, and neither my husband nor any of my children currently have nickname names. So don't have any experience with this!!!

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    My eight year old is in the process for switching to his formal name, we called him Teddy as a baby, but he wanted to be Theodore when he started Kindergarten. Unfortunately he didn't want to write Theodore on his homework (it is a lot for a Kindergartener) so all his classmates got use to calling him Teddy. Through the help of his first grade teacher he managed to change that some last year and hopes to get his friends to call him Theodore by the end of school this year. It took some reminding from him to the family that he wants to be Theodore, but (with the exception of my grandmother and aunt) we pretty much call him Theodore or Ted, which he approved.
    It is hard to change when everyone knows you by a certain name (your family may never fully drop the nickname) but anytime you are going into a new environment: new school, new job, new town, you have the opportunity to introduce yourself however you want

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    When I was a kid for some reason I hated being called Stephie, or even Steph. I wanted my full first name, Stephanie. Now i'm an adult and don't mind being called Steph or Stephie. I don't know why I hated it so much as a kid, to be called by a nickname.

    If it bothers a kid they'll just correct it most likely. I wouldn't worry about it personally.
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    My brother went by Patty when he was younger, but now goes by his full name, Patrick. Our family still calls him Patty or Pat most of the time, though.
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    I picked yes on the poll but it really is a case-by-case thing. It depends on what the person with the nickname wants to be called
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