View Poll Results: Did you or your children switch from nickname to formal name into adulthood?

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    I only went by Becky as a child and easily switched to Rebecca when I went to college. Twenty years later I still let my parents call me Becky, cuz they're my parents, but NO ONE else calls me that!

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    I don't really have a nicknameable name - at least, not one I'd ever introduce myself by - but both my parents do. My dad goes by his nickname and my mum mostly by her full name, though she is called a nickname at work. I don't know what they went by as children. I also have friends who go by nicknames - the pretty common Alex and Vicky type -and though we're all hitting our early 20s, none of them have any desire to go by the long form. I know some of them get called the long form by their parents still though. But on the other hand I know a Rebecca and Charlotte who have always been full names, no nicknames, so I think ultimately going by nickname vs full name is personal choice and it's something a parent can't really have any control over once you hit an age to make that decision for yourself.

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