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    Re: Poll: Once a Nickname... Always a Nickname???

    I am Allison, always have been, never Alli. My sister is Jessica, always has been, never Jessi. If you don't call them by their nickname, no one else will.

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    Re: Poll: Once a Nickname... Always a Nickname???

    I think that if you call your child by her full name, then she will be known by that name. It might take a few, "No, my name is Elizabeth, not Liz, Lizzy, or Beth" to get the point across, but it is absolutely possible!

    I know an Elizabeth who goes by Elizabeth (she is only occasionally called Liz by very close friends), a Jacob who only goes by Jacob (literally never Jake), a Rebecca who goes solely by Rebecca (I also know one who generally goes by Rebecca but is occasionally called Becca or Becky by her family), and I know a Catherine who has never been Cathy, Catie, or Cate (in fact, her mother, also named Catherine, is Cathy). It is certainly possible in my opinion to use a full name as just that - nicknames aren't a necessity if you don't want them to be.
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    Re: Poll: Once a Nickname... Always a Nickname???

    I have a name that people often mispronounce or try to shorten to Angie or Angela - Angelle (Anne - gel, not angel). I've always gone by my full name and started correcting people as a very young child. That said, I have one auntie who calls me Angie, as do my younger brother and step-dad...I gave up correcting them! As an adult, I've had more nicknames and been far more tolerant of them. A long term boyfriend in the past called me Ang or Ange (with a long A sound at the beginning), at a job where I worked for many years I would sometimes be called Jello or Gelle (pronounced like gel), and my husband and step daughter call me Gelle almost exclusively since when Lily was learning to say my name she couldn't handle the whole she can say my name properly but chooses to still call me Gelle and I don't mind. I still always introduce myself to people with my full name and outside my family everyone calls me by that.

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    Re: Poll: Once a Nickname... Always a Nickname???

    My mom always introduces herself by her full name and people shorten it invariably. She works with another woman with the same name who goes by the nickname as well, so they are called first (nn) and last name. At least that's my impression. The other woman is my mother's friend, insofar as they talk outside of work and I've never heard my mother call her just nn, it's always nn-last name, one word. My grandmother and I remember my grandfather and my uncle (her brother) call her by her full name.

    My dad recently said her name out loud to me and it sounded weird, and I remarked he always calls her "Hon" or "Mommy," like that's her name in the third person, at least when he's talking to me - that's what I call her. I guess that's neither here nor there. She has one of those names that people always shorten, like Dan or Joe, and has had difficulty (she's just very polite to people) nagging people after they use her nickname to call her what she prefers. I guess that's what she would consider nagging and not in a friendly tone, just correcting people.

    That's pretty much all I know about that. I wanted people to call me "Kari" when I started high school, but I didn't know how that works, and people just thought of me as Karen. I imagine if my parents called me Kari, it would have been more natural to go from Kari to Karen if I liked it better as I got older to use my full name, only because it's not the type of name people spontaneously nickname, like Becky or Jen. I knew a lot of Michelles for example, and only one went by Shelley, her father called her that.

    If you want a name that can have a nickname but doesn't automatically cause nicknaming, there are probably a lot. If you used Rebecca, I think people would call her Becky even if she didn't, and she would either go along (like my mom) or correct people all her life. If she went by Becky as a child, she would be correcting people as she wanted to go by Rebecca once she's grown into it. If you instead liked Michelle, you could probably call her Shelley for a long time, and if she wanted people to start calling her Michelle, all she'd have to do was start a new school year, go to college, or begin a job, where people would automatically call her Michelle (or maybe Mish - sometimes) unless she specifically said, "please call me Shelley."

    It's more difficult to say with Katherine what would happen. Of course it starts out Kathy, but it's been a long time since that was the predominant nickname - but it's natural. With Elizabeth, I suppose it would be Liz unless otherwise informed. It's difficult for me to imagine someone using Kathy or Liz as immediate tags these days as they are out of fashion - or for calling someone Kate or Bess out of the blue if you just met a person and wanted to call them something short when they introduce themselves by their full long names. I believe those nicknames come from the parent, or sometime in their life decided and it stuck, and the person calls themselves Katie or Elsa and tell others to as well, and otherwise people are calling out their names in full.

    I know a Peter, Gregory, Leslie (male), Thomasina, Antoinette, a few Roberts, a few Michaels, a Christopher, Matthew, Daniel, Stewart, Richard, and Patrick - all or most of these names seem to be of the variety people shorten instinctively, but they do ok avoiding it somehow. I didn't know them as children, so I don't know if any of them formerly went by nicknames. At least one Michael was very strict about his name and don't dare shorten it to Mike.

    My father and brother go by nicknames, but somewhere along the line, they switched nicknames. Pretend their names are Daniel, and my father was Dan and my brother was Danny, so now it is the other way around - except just like my mother's name is Mommy when my father speaks of her to me, my brother's name is still "Danny" in the third person, he prefers Dan. My father goes by either, I've definitely heard both. Just to round out the story, in the third person, my mother refers to my father as "your father," not "Dad." I suppose that's another topic. I'm starting to creep myself out, but I guess it's normal?

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    Re: Once a Nickname... Always a Nickname???

    Two of my aunts switched to using their full names in their 40s, and have both been very successful with it. However, I’ll admit that I still call them by their nicknames - but simply because I’ve know them as that since I was born, so I am extremely used to it. Realistically though, if they asked me to start calling them by their full names, it wouldn’t be that hard. I may have to bite my tongue a few times, but I’d get used to it. So I definitely would not let that influence my name choice.
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