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Thread: Chaz

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    Re: Chaz

    As nickname it's okay, but as I don't like it as first name...

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    Re: Chaz

    Quote Originally Posted by canadianne
    Yes, I've still been thinking about this name. I think for Chester that Chet works as a nice nn, without the unwanted connection to used car salesmen and drunken lads :)
    Again, I agree with Canadianne here. I think Chester/Chet is cute for a little boy and good on a grown up too. I know one too - he's always gone by "Chet."

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    Re: Chaz

    Quote Originally Posted by cassielainie
    am i weird for liking this name?
    it's a pretty cool name i think..
    from what i remember, i think it's a nn for Chester.. i can't see actually naming a child Chester though.. it's more like something i'd call a cat.. but Chaz just seems super cool!!
    Can Chaz stand on it's own?
    Is there another name it can be short for?
    what do you all think?
    I knew a Chaz in high school. Yes, it was his full name and yes it worked well on it's own. His last name was Ware if I remember Chaz Ware, a very short snappy name. He was a nice guy, relatively clean cut and he was in the "cool" group. I don't know whatever became of him but I could see him having been a frat boy in college ;)

    A note on Chester - it rhymes with molester :S

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    Re: Chaz

    I really like the name and plan to use it if we have a baby boy. I believe it is English. It is a variation of Charles or Carl. My husband just lost his brother named Carl, so we thought this would be nice. But not long after I decided I liked it did i discover that Cher and Sonny Bono's daughter/son Chastity Bono who had a sex change also goes by the name "Chaz". Oh well, there's always a name out there for another face. I'm over it. I still like the name. The biggest problem is finding a middle name to go with it.

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    Re: Chaz

    It's a nickname for Charles. I have always thought it was a bit cheesy. I prefer Charlie or even Chuck or Chip. I don't care for it on it's own.

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