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    Middle Names for either CLAIRE or ABIGAIL

    Thank you to soooo many of you who have helped post suggestions for girls names to go with my two sons - - James & Noah.

    Though we were somewhat looking for a more unique yet classic name, my husband and I just keep coming back to these two names: Claire and Abigail. Undecided on which one to use (and hesitate to use both as first and middle name in case we have another girl down the road... :)

    But would love some help with middle names for both of these. Our last name is Anderson.

    Claire ??? Anderson
    Abigail ??? Anderson


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    Re: Middle Names for either CLAIRE or ABIGAIL

    Both names are beautiful, but I would vote for Abigail. I think Abigail Anderson has a great sound to it, crisp and clean but pretty.

    Claire Anderson just somehow doesn't sound right. The names sort of run into each other (and while a middle name could help, I think it's important for a first and last without the middle to sound as good as the full name, because the middle will often be omitted).

    Some middle name suggestions:

    Abigail Joyce
    Abigail Violet
    Abigail Rosalind
    Abigail Charlotte
    Abigail Noelle
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    Re: Middle Names for either CLAIRE or ABIGAIL

    I think Claire is a gorgeous name! I'm not that much of a fan of Abigail-- it just doesn't have an appealing sound, and it seems too popular.

    Claire Esmeralda
    Claire Madeline
    Claire Elisabeth
    Claire Seraphina
    Claire Matilda
    Claire Juliet
    Claire Sylvia
    Claire Louisa
    Claire Cecilia
    Claire Marielle
    Claire Andromeda
    Claire Athena
    Claire Charlotte
    Claire Vivienne
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    Re: Middle Names for either CLAIRE or ABIGAIL

    Abigail Blythe Anderson (a bit B heavy, though)
    Abigail Charlotte Anderson
    Abigail Hope Anderson
    Abigail Jane Anderson (although Jane and the beginning of Anderson are kind of close)

    Claire Cordelia Anderson (The back-to-back A's in the middle and last name create an awkward flow to me, though)
    Claire Elizabeth Anderson
    Claire Genevieve Anderson
    Claire Isabelle/Isabel Anderson
    Claire Sophia Anderson (in case the back-to-back vowel issue doesn't bother you)
    Claire Victoria Anderson (ditto)

    Sorry for repeats!

    Good luck! :-)

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    Re: Middle Names for either CLAIRE or ABIGAIL

    I love the name Claire! It is classic, sophisticated, and not trendy.
    I am biased because my husband and I just decided to name our baby girl Claire:) We decided on Claire Madeline.

    We also considered:
    Claire Elise
    Claire Harper
    Julia Claire

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