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    Quote Originally Posted by ;972584
    Thank you to soooo many of you who have helped post suggestions for girls names to go with my two sons - - James & Noah.

    Though we were somewhat looking for a more unique yet classic name, my husband and I just keep coming back to these two names: Claire and Abigail. Undecided on which one to use (and hesitate to use both as first and middle name in case we have another girl down the road...

    But would love some help with middle names for both of these. Our last name is Anderson.

    Claire ??? Anderson
    Abigail ??? Anderson

    Claire Sophia would sound nice!
    Sincerely, Jennifer


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    Personally I LOVE Abigail! I am a huge fan of girl names with history behind them, and I'm not sure you can get a better history than Abigail Adams.

    Abigail Hannah
    Abigail Caroline
    Abigail Eliza
    Abigail Kate
    Abigail Louisa
    Abigail Rebecca

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    All suggestions I would have had have already been listed, except for Abigail Eve! Love how this one sounds and since Evelyn is a family name that's another bonus

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