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    Worst spellings you've ever seen?

    I know this doesn't exactly go with the topic of the board, but what are some of the worst spellings you've ever seen? There's some great names out there, but when they become yooneek...I want to vomit. The worst spelling I've ever seen:

    Kloee. That's supposed to be Chloe, in case you can't tell. :-)
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    Re: Worst spellings you've ever seen?

    The only one I can think of right now is Maddicine (Madison). Looks like medicine!
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    Re: Worst spellings you've ever seen?

    There are twins at my daughters school with the names

    Kaelea and Aireeonna

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    Re: Worst spellings you've ever seen?

    I have a friend who knows someone that named their child Zoey, only they spelled it Xho'oui. Ridiculous!

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    Re: Worst spellings you've ever seen?

    Lcje- pronounced LaShay... this is a real person in my class, she's about 18, it took the professor weeks to figure out how to say it.
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