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    Rose as a NN for Rowan?

    Is it too far off? What other nicknames can you think of for Rowan?

    Edit: Guess I should've explained more...
    I love the name Rowan, but cannot find a nickname for it. Since it is also used as a boy's name, I want something ultra feminine. So the question is...since they both start off with the same sound, can Rose/Rosie be a reasonable nickname for Rowan, or are they too different?
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    Re: Rose as a NN for Rowan?

    My first reaction is that it doesn't work. To me Rose says "name" and Rosie says "nickname." Rosie isn't intuitive from Rowan and it has the same number of syllables.

    All I can think of for Rowan is Roe.

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    Re: Rose as a NN for Rowan?

    I can't think of any real nn for Rowan, but have you considered Roisin if you like the nn Rose?

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    Re: Rose as a NN for Rowan?

    I'd personally prefer Rowena vs. Rowan.

    Rose isn't really a nickname for Rowan. I guess it's tolerable, but I'd use Ro or something as a nn. If you like the name Rose, you could use that instead of Rowan.

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    Re: Rose as a NN for Rowan?

    I think it works and it is very cute. I know a Rowan but her full name is Maria Rowan and just saying Rowan is shorter i really like it.

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