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Thread: Similar to Ava?

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    Re: Similar to Ava?

    Ah, don't tell your mom you want to name the baby Mulva! It reminds me of the name of a certain female body part. If you want something awful, call her Brunhilda!

    Anyway, Ava, huh? That DOES sound like a name your husband would quite enjoy! I was going to suggest Avery - it is unisex like Leighton. But, then you run into the whole issue of reusing a letter! Is this okay?

    I can never remember what I have and haven't suggested to you before, so I'm just going to throw some names out there. I'm going to avoid A names until you give me the go-ahead.

    Here are some Latin names like Ava, short and sweet:
    Caia - "to rejoice" (Like Ky-uh)
    Celeste - "heavenly"
    Clara - "illustrious" (I say this Clare-uh, but some say Cl-are-uh)
    Emma - "universal" (Popular and classic, but you have a Jacob!)
    Maia - "great"
    Rosa - "rose" (Less like Ava, more like Roslyn)

    My favorites from this set with Jacob and Alanna are Caia, Clara, and Emma.

    Names that seem to have a feel like Ava:
    Bella (Close to Ella, but still feels like a nickname)
    Stella (But I know you don't like this one...)

    My favorite from this set with Jacob and Alanna is Stella, but that is already out.

    Names that are short like Ava:
    Jade (Whoops, a J!)

    My favorites from this set with Jacob and Alanna are Blair, Claire, Reese, and Ruby.

    Names that are trendy, like Ava:

    My favorites are Jacob, Alanna, and Chloe, Lily, and Lucy.

    Names that are sweet and feminine, like Ava:
    Audrey (That darn A again...)

    My favorite from this set with Jacob and Alanna is Cara. I love it, and I think it has the classic simplicity of Jacob and the femininity and style of Alanna.

    Okay, I think that is sufficiently overwhelming you with names, so I'll talk to you later, Raquel! :-)
    "Names, once they are in common use, quickly become mere sounds, their etymology being buried, like so many of the earth's marvels, beneath the dust of habit." - Salman Rushdie

    Boy Combinations: Archer Solomon James, Ronan Charles Bennett, Everett Hawthorn Thomas
    Girl Combinations: Phoebe Marietta Pearl, Clara Daphne Eloise
    Other Favorites: Eliza (Eliza Wren), Juliet, Rosanna, Thea, Johanna, Jude

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