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    First daughter: Lots of ideas-- what do you think?

    Family is Jewish German

    Avigail (pronounced like abigail, but with a v)
    Miri (nn for Miriam)
    Ruthie (nn for Ruth)
    Teva (pronounced tee-vah)
    Veda (pronounced vay-dah)

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    Re: First daughter: Lots of ideas-- what do you think?

    Addison - I like Addison, but it's become very popular and I think will date badly.
    Adelaide - I'm not the biggest fan of Adelaide, but if you like the cute Addy nickname I think it's less trendy than Addison.
    Adele - not my style
    Alice - LOVE. I think Alice is so simple, classic and pretty!
    Annie - I like Annie as a nickname, but prefer Anne as the full name.
    Ava - Gorgeous, but again, very popular - not sure if that bothers you though
    Avigail (pronounced like abigail, but with a v) - I prefer Abigail
    Belle - LOVE. Another one of my favourites!
    Blythe - LOVE again! Yet another favourite! Soooo pretty.
    Caeli - For me, this comes off as being a bit yooneek in the spelling department, although it is pretty. Have you thought about Calla as an alternative?
    Caroline - Beautiful, and very classic!
    Celia - I like Celia a lot, but I like Cecile even more.
    Charlotte - Another beautiful, classic name, but also getting popular.
    Chloe - I like Chloe, but I don't love it.
    Clara - Lovely
    Colette - Not my style
    Cora - Not my style
    Daphne - I like Daphne, but I think any nicknames are not going to be very pretty.
    Dylan - My newest favourite, I just love it for a girl!
    Eden - I've always like Eden, but it can sound a little dated.
    Ella/Elle/Ellie - Pretty, but VERY popular in all its variations.
    Emma/Emme - Another meganame phenomenon, although I do love the Emme variation.
    Esther - I think this is so underused, and I love it.
    Eve - LOVE
    Flora - Very pretty
    Hannah - My godsons have tons of Hannahs in their classes, and I think it's already peaked.
    Imogen - I really like Imogen, but with the British pronunciation Im-mo-jin
    Julia - Another classic, although I prefer Juliet
    Kate - Lovely, but I prefer as a nn for Katharine
    Kaye - This one's a bit dated for me
    Loralei - Yet another of my absolute favourites! LOVE
    Lucy - And another. I LOVE Lucy!
    Lyda - I don't like this. How about Lyra?
    Lydia - I'm not a a Lydia fan, I'm sorry! But lots of other nameberryers are.
    Mae - I prefer the May spelling personally, but I love this as a first name
    Maya - Beautiful, but again popular
    Miri (nn for Miriam) - I love Miriam and Miri is a great nn.
    Naomi - This one's grown on me a lot recently
    Noa - LOVE
    Ruthie (nn for Ruth) - I like it as a nn for Ruth but not as a full name
    Stella - Beautiful
    Suri - Just too TomKat for me
    Susannah - It's lovely, but still associates too much with the song in my head!
    Teva (pronounced tee-vah) - I like Teva, but don't love it
    Veda (pronounced vay-dah) - not a fan, sorry
    Zoe - Again, I like but it's popular

    Whew - that's quite a list! I think you have some wonderful ideas there, and as I said, I think a lot of my Top 20 names came up there so we obviously have similar taste. You do have a lot of very popular choices there, and since you also have so many lovely (but less common) ideas, I would choose one of those. But popularity may not bother you.

    My favourites are: Alice, Belle, Blythe, Dylan, Eve, Loralei, Lucy, Noa.

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    Re: First daughter: Lots of ideas-- what do you think?

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    Re: First daughter: Lots of ideas-- what do you think?

    Addison - don't like it b/c i associate it with the disease
    Adelaide - really like, very sophisticated
    Adele - love!
    Alice - so sweet and simple, like it
    Annie - prefer as a nickname for annabel/annneliese
    Ava- love so so mch, also love Avis
    Avigail (pronounced like abigail, but with a v) - love so much more than abigail
    Belle - love!!
    Blythe - love, espeically the meaning
    Caeli - really dislike, I think if you were going to use it the spelling Kayleigh is better but i still don't like the name
    Caroline - love so much, sounds so friendly and nice
    Celia - really like, but i love Cecily
    Charlotte - nice but a bit too popular for me, nn Lottie si super-cute though
    Chloe - not a fan of chloe
    Clara - love love love!
    Colette - really like
    Cora - prefer as a nn (cordelia, coraline, coralie?)
    Daphne - love this one!
    Dylan - not for a girl, but love Dillon for a boy
    Eden - I like this but it is going down the trendy route and I'm guessing it could sound quite dated in years top come
    Ella/Elle/Ellie - like Ella best out of these because Elle/Ellie doesn't seem like a proper name to me only a nickname and I know at least eight Elle/Ellie's
    Emma/Emme - not a fan of Emma but love love love Emme
    Esther - love this one a lot
    Eve - it's ok, i think you've got better ones on this list though
    Flora - love!
    Hannah - prefer Hana,
    Imogen - love this
    Julia - prefer Juliet
    Kate - not my favourite
    Kaye - don't really like
    Loralei - love this one so much!!
    Lucy - it's alright, prefer Lucille/ Lucienne/ Lucia/ Luciana
    Lyda - sorry i think it looks like Lydia splet wrong
    Lydia - love!
    Mae - not a Mae fan, i like Mei as a middle name though
    Maya - don't really like
    Miri (nn for Miriam) - LOVE!
    Naomi - my favourite name at the moment! :)
    Noa - I do like it but I thinkI love Noah more for a boy
    Ruthie (nn for Ruth) - very cute
    Stella - lovely
    Suri - I really like this but it is very Cruise, how about Zuri or Siri?
    Susannah - not bad, love Susie as a nickname
    Teva (pronounced tee-vah) - Love, really nice and distinctive
    Veda (pronounced vay-dah) - don't really like
    Zoe - ok

    great list! my favourites in order are Naomi, Teva, Miri, Avigail and Loralei

    good luck!


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    Re: First daughter: Lots of ideas-- what do you think?

    Here my opinion:

    Addison: Don't like it
    Adelaide: Not as first name, but why not as middle name?!?
    Adele: Don't like it
    Alice: Would use it as middle name again
    Annie: cute name
    Ava: Love it
    Avigail: Like the name, but would write it with b instead of v
    Belle: Don't like it
    Blythe: Like it
    Caeli: Never heard it before, but sounds very good to me
    Caroline: Nothing special
    Charlotte: Don't like it
    Chloe: Nice name
    Clara: Like it too
    Colette: Don't like it at all
    Cora: Prefer Coraline nn Cora
    Daphne: Don't like it
    Dylan: Prefer it as a masculine name
    Eden: Very cute name
    Ella/Elle/Ellie: What about Elly?!?
    Emma/Emme: Emma sounds cute
    Esther: Don't like it...
    Eve: Don't like it..
    Flora: Prefer Fleur
    Hannah: Yes, but without h at the end
    Imogen: Strange
    Julia: Nice name but VERY commun
    Kate: Also too commun
    Kaye: Special but very cute
    Loralei: Don't like it
    Lucy: Yes, why not
    Lyda: Prefer Lydia
    Mae: Love it
    Maya: Prefer Maja
    Miri (nn for Miriam): Myriam nn Miri looks better
    Naomi: Yes, why not?!?
    Noa: Love Noah, but for a boy
    Ruthie (nn for Ruth): Don't like it
    Stella: Like it
    Suri: Don't like it
    Susannah: Prefer Savannah
    Teva (pronounced tee-vah): Don't like it
    Veda (pronounced vay-dah): Don't like it
    Zoe: Absolutely love it, by far my favorite name (you could spell it Zoey if Zoe is too commun...)

    And what do you think about Malou...
    My favorite would be Zoe(y) Malou...

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