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    Do you like the name Daphne?

    I've recently been into the name Daphne but people have been telling me it just reminds them of Scooby-doo. What do you think?

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    Re: Do you like the name Daphne?

    I think it's beautiful! I know a Daphne, though, which may be why I don't think of Scooby Doo. A lot of posters on Nameberry love it. I think it's so elegant! The one drawback for me is the potential "Daffy" nickname, but even that's not enough to make me dislike Daphne! I love it!

    You may also like Phoebe, Chloe (super popular), Laurel (Daphne means "laurel tree"), or Delphine.

    Best wishes to you! :-)

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    Re: Do you like the name Daphne?

    i adore Daphne.. it's such a pretty name..
    i've always loved it. i don't think of scoobie doo.. even though that was my favorite cartoon growing up..
    i actually think of the greek myth of Daphne and Apollo.
    In greek mythology, Daphne was a nymph who was supposed to have been very beautiful.. She was tranformed into a laurel tree by her father, the river god to protect her from apollo..
    Daphne actually means laurel tree's a beautiful story.. you should look it up.
    i ADORE names of greek origin.. particularly mythological ones..
    when i envision Daphne, i see a sweet and beautiful child..

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    Re: Do you like the name Daphne?

    Daphne is very pretty. I wouldn't worry about the connection with Scooby-doo; is that a bad thing? I don't think so. xD Delphine is also gorgeous.
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    Re: Do you like the name Daphne?

    I just love the name Daphne!

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