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    Re: WDYT of Sophie-Claire Isabella???

    I agree with Rose that, who was it, Maggie (?), seems left out of the list because she has no hyphenated first name. I would say perhaps using Sophia Claire Victoria would be nice - use two middle names instead of a hyphenated first name.
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    Re: WDYT of Sophie-Claire Isabella???

    When I say Sophie Claire out loud, I immediately hear the word "eclair." I'm also not feeling Isabella with the combo.

    I also think that it would be a great idea to simply name her Sophie, with no hyphen.

    Good luck! :-)

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    Re: WDYT of Sophie-Claire Isabella???

    I like Sophie-Claire. I don't hear eclair at all - I would hear it more with an a ending like Audra Claire, but even then it wouldn't be enough to bother me. What kind of middle names do your other girls have? I agree with pp that the 4 syllable Isabella might be too long with Sophie-Claire. You could consider Sophie Claire as first and middle and call her both names. Or here are some other good middle options:
    Sophie-Claire Frances
    Sophie-Claire Louise
    Sophie-Claire Charlotte
    Sophie-Claire Mabel
    Sophie-Claire Camille
    Sophie-Claire Maya

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    Re: WDYT of Sophie-Claire Isabella???

    My other girls' middle names are: Maggie D'Shea, Kelsey-Rose Soledad, Emma Addison Grace (She goes by Emma-Grace), Mary-Elizabeth Kate.

    After thinking about many names I still love Sophie-Claire (It's my favorite). Maybe I should do a poll and see how many people really think it sounds like "Eclair"
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