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    Names related to Mitchell/Mitch

    Hello Nameberries!

    My husband loves the idea of naming our future son Mitchell (as it is his name and he loves it). I really don't like the idea of having two Mitchell's/Mitch's in our house and I HATE the Junior idea as well. My husband and I both like the idea of incorporating his name Mitchell into our son's name. Do you have any suggestions. I know the name Mitchell was derived from Michael ... other than that I haven't come up with much. Any suggestions would be wonderful!!! Thank you!

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    Re: Names related to Mitchell/Mitch

    Having searched around a bit all I can find is Mitch/Mitchell (with various spellings).
    And the meaning of mitchell/michael is "Who is like God?" and I haven't found any other names with that meaning.

    Micah looks and sounds quite similar.
    Macauley is also sort or similar.

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    Re: Names related to Mitchell/Mitch

    What about using Mitchell in the middle?

    Are you looking for names that sound like Mitchell, or only names directly connected to Mitchell or Michael?

    Names that remind me of Mitchell:

    Elliot Michael (contains all the letters of Mitchell)

    I love the suggestion of Micah!

    Good luck! :-)

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