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    Re: Second Girl, Fourth Child--Suggestions?

    Lara could be cute if it was a nn for a longer names like Larissa.

    As much as I love Eleanor, I find that it doesn't match the style of your other children's names (all beautiful by the way:) Rosalind is beautiful: would you call her Rosie, Rose or Rosa? Rosamund is nice but seems a bit too old-fashioned compared to your other children's names. Josephine is very pretty too. I love Clara and it fits right in with Bram, Rafe and Imogen! Not a big fan of Tabitha, sorry.

    My favorites from your lists are Rosalind and Clara.

    Some other names you might like (Sorry for repeats!):


    Hope I helped:)!!!

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    Re: Second Girl, Fourth Child--Suggestions?

    Thanks for the great suggestions! I really like Cecily, Vivienne (but is it getting too trendy?), Violette, Eloise and Phillippa (Pippa). Love Freya but DH hates it (!) and love Iris but a close friend "stole" it for her daughter last year.

    What do you think of Portia, another Shakespearean name to go with Imogen? Or Hero (but maybe that's pushing it even for me). But it leaves the girls with no nns, and I love the boys' nns. Sadly Imogen gets called Imo by some of her friends which I hate. I like Cece, Vivi, Pippa, Rosie or Rosa (for Rosalind) a lot as nns. Sorry don't even like Lara much as a nn so DH is going to have to adjust!

    Thanks again, you are all very creative and sympatico!

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    Re: Second Girl, Fourth Child--Suggestions?

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    Re: Second Girl, Fourth Child--Suggestions?

    All of your names are beautiful and I really like the suggestion of Phillipa and Cecily. I think those names would go great with your children's names. In defense of Lara, I think it's beautiful and it would go well with your others. It makes me think of the heroine of Dr. Zhivago. And I can't help picturing Julie Christie (who played her) and she's gorgeous.

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