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Thread: Jamie/Jaime

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    What is the correct spelling for a boy???

    What is your opinion/thoughts on this name for a boy?

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    Re: Jamie/Jaime

    As it turns out, Jamie and Jaime are completely different names. Jamie is a diminutive of James and (in my opinion) a much fresher nickname than Jim or Jimmy. Jaime is a Spanish variation of James and is pronounced HI-mee.

    If you are thinking about the nickname, I would suggest using the Jamie spelling for clarity. If you like the exotic pronunciation of Jaime, I would suggest that spelling. Be prepared, though, to have it misunderstood as Jamie often.

    If you want the nickname, I must ask, are you using James or just Jamie? Another option in the less-popular-James-nicknames category is Jem. I find this one particularly nice--though it does reming me of To Kill A Mockingbird.

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    Re: Jamie/Jaime

    In the UK Jaime is usually for girls and Jamie for boys.

    I too like nn Jem, particularly for James Matthew, like in Lucy Maud Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables series where Jem is nn of Anne's eldest son (Anne's House of Dreams).

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    Re: Jamie/Jaime

    Jamie is a nn for the male name James. Jaime is from the French J'aime which mean I love, this seems for feminine to me and I would use this for a girl and James for a boy nn Jamie. Jaime pronounced the French way is like Jane but with an 'M'.

    Hope that cleared some things up:)
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    Re: Jamie/Jaime

    I've always prefered the spelling Jamey for boys since Jamie seems to have been taken over by the girls.
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