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  • Eliana Camille

    20 76.92%
  • Eliana Simone

    6 23.08%
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    Re: Poll - Help me choose !!!

    Eliana Camille Saavedra is absolutely beautiful, elegant, sophisticated, and feminine. I adore it, and I vote for it 100%. Best wishes to you and your family!
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    Re: Poll - Help me choose !!!

    Eliana Camille is absolutely beautiful! It flows very nicely with your last name too:) That definitely gets my vote!

    Good Luck:)

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    Re: Poll - Help me choose !!!

    Both names are really pretty, I voted for Eliana Simone. I like Simone much more than I do Camille, however both are nice and classy. Great choices !

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    Re: Poll - Help me choose !!!

    First of all I love both these names- so pretty! Maybe I'm overthinking this but Eliana is such a soft name, I think the hard C in Camille takes something away from it and makes it so they don't flow as nicely as Eliana and Simone. And Eliana Simone Saavedra isn't such a tongue-twister to me really. So I vote for Eliana Simone (but again, both are lovely).

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    Re: Poll - Help me choose !!!

    This is a tough one. I didn't vote because:
    Firstly, Eliana Camille gets points because a non "s" name sounds better with your last name. But it also loses points to Simone, because I just don't think the long "e" sound in Camille works well with the long "e" sound in Eliana. What about:
    Eliana Giselle
    Eliana Carys
    Eliana Francesca
    Eliana Zoe
    Eliana Janae
    Eliana Auden

    Great name choices, and good luck whatever you choose!

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