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Thread: Ashley

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    Re: Ashley

    I really like Ashley for a boy, it's charming and stylish. It would make a distinguished choice and has the great nn Ash. I've known three guys called Ashley and they all seem to really like their name. It doesn't sound ultra-feminine to me as it does to other posters. I'd say if you like it, go for it!

    Good Luck:)

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    Re: Ashley

    I'd agree with the others that if you're in the US it is decidedly feminine - even more so than Kelly I would say. I think a young, male Ashley would have a hard time growing up; teachers would assume it was a girl on their class list, all the novelty pencils and stickers with names on them would be pink, girly Ashleys, etc. I like the Asher and Ashton alternatives because I agree nn Ash is very handsome, but I also like some of your other options, especially Oliver, Ian and Milo.

    Are you in the US?

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    Re: Ashley

    I also think that Ashley is too much of a girl name, sorry...

    From your list my favorite is Milo! Besides I love the name Liam (Wouldn't Liam Ashley sound perfect?!?)

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