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Thread: Names like Lexi

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    Names like Lexi

    Ages ago I asked for help in coming up with suggestions for a friend - for some reason I am struggling a bit with this one but I thought you ladies may be able to help. I think they'd like quite a relatively unusual name, and they seem to mostly like quite modern-sounding names. The middle name now is a family name, two syllables ending with an -a, and that's put an end to a LOT of my suggestions because all the first names ending in an a are out. At the moment their top contender is Lexi (which I love, but it's always nice to have some more choices). Some others that have appealed (although some can't be used for various reasons):


    I've gone through all the 2 syllable names ending in an ee sound with mum, so I think we've covered most of those. Noun names also don't really work, as the surname is a common noun.

    So, I'm throwing out the challenge! Do any names that feel like Lexi come to mind for any of you?

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    Re: Names like Lexi

    I aboslutly love the name Lexi!!! It is my all time favorite girl name if you want it to be her middle name you could name her Alexis Alexa Alexandra Alexandria Alex
    Please pray for Lucy, her and her family need your support:

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    Re: Names like Lexi

    The middle is two syllables and ends with an A? What's the first letter? Hmm....

    Did she like Alexis?

    Names she may like:

    Alexandrine (not modern, but it's a Lexi source)
    Bellamy (nn Belle or Ellie)
    Connelly (nn Nellie)
    Delaney (nn Laney, which reminds me of Lexi)
    Emery (nn Emme)
    Ellery (nn (Ellie)
    Flannery (no obvious nickname, but I think that Laney or Annie could work)
    Isaly (nn Izzie or Sally)
    Romilly (nn Romy or Millie)
    Willoughby (nn Willa, Willow, or Bee)

    Best wishes to you and your friend! :-)

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    Re: Names like Lexi

    I think if they go for an Alexandra variation it would be Lexi and they'd use it as a full name rather than a nickname. I'll pass on the other suggestions though - thanks ladies!

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