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    Re: Help narrow my name list!!

    Sounds like husband's grandmother is named Anne or Anna? In that case I'd stay away from Aubriana/Luciana/Arianna/Anastasia if you're going to use nicknames for them that obliterate the "Anna" part--it could be perceived as a slight.

    Annelise, Clara, Corinna, and Jocelyn are my favorites, although Jocelyn doesn't harmonize with Lilia quite as well as the others. Clara seems to go best with Lilia, but that doesn't necessarily need to be your top priority. I agree with those who think Annelise would be a good middle name--Corinna Annelise or Clara Annelise are both gorgeous!
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    Re: Help narrow my name list!!

    **I love the nickname Aubri, and thats just so cute!!!!!
    ** I like it, but I dont like Ara at all, try Anna or just Arianna.
    ** I hate Luciana but I totally love Lucia, I would name her that and call her Luci
    ** Thats so cute!!!

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